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Deep down, we all know what we want.

But sometimes we get lost in the ‘should do’s’ the ‘would do’s’ the ‘one day I’ll do’s’ and the ‘it’s too late to’s’.

That’s because day after day, we’ve talked ourselves out of our dreams, we’ve listened to the wrong kind of people, we’ve settled for less than we truly want, we feel so far gone in a direction we no longer want to head in that we get stuck, and get swept along with the crowd, hoping it’ll get better.

And then it doesn’t.

And before we know it…

We’ve resigned ourselves to ‘this will do’.



If you’ve decided you’re ready for more than ‘this will do’, want to live your life on purpose, and need some support to kickstart your new venture with clarity, certainty and confidence, here’s how we can work together:


Where are you at right now?
Where do you really want to be?
What limiting thoughts and beliefs are holding you back?

In this breakthrough coaching session, we’ll uncover where you’re at in your life right now, where you’d really love to be, and what limiting beliefs are holding you back from getting there. We’ll get clarity and focus on your vision, and crack through your disempowering beliefs, in order to clear the way and bridge the gap to living a life that excites you and lights you up.

Session is 1.5 hours – 1:1 in person or via Skype

Investment: £75 

Christmas & New Year Price (ends 7th January): £56

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If you’ve taken the leap from your soul-sucking 9-5 into pursuing your passions (or are oh so ready to!), this programme is perfect to bust through those limiting ‘what have I done?!’ or ‘can I actually do this?’ blocks and beliefs that can often take over.

Using a variety of powerful NLP & Coaching Techniques, we’ll work together to bust through the blocks and beliefs that are keeping you in a smaller life than you’d like, and replace them with an empowering new confidence and focus to get you to where you want to be.


We’ll dive right into your big vision, getting clear on what you really really want for your life and how to make it happen.


This is the big one – which is why we’ll spend 2 powerful sessions working on your mindset & confidence. We’ll dig deep into removing the thoughts and beliefs that aren’t serving you, and have you feeling empowered and confident to pursue your passions.


Together we’ll create an action plan of awesome for you to move forward with so you can Get Shit Done in a way that feels gooooood.

This is for you if:

You’ve taken the leap from your 9-5 to pursue your passion (or are oh so ready to!)

You’re looking for clarity and confidence that you’re making the best decision for you

You want to get rid of the limiting beliefs and voices in your mind that say ‘wait, you’re doing what now?’

You’re craving freedom, ease and joy in your daily schedule

You’re so over feeling burnt out and want to live a life of passion and fulfilment

You’re ready to make a commitment and investment in yourself and your future

What’s included?

4 x 1.5 hour sessions – 1:1 via Skype or in person, dependent on location

Weekly tools, tasks and resources to boost your development and keep you on track

Regular email contact between sessions

Surprise goodies delivered to your doorstep

The clarity, confidence and mindset you need to pursue your passions and live a life that lights you up

Investment: £300 

Christmas & New Year Price (ends 7th January): £225

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If you’d like to book a FREE  clarity call to get a further feel for whether this support is for you, you can do that here.


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