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  • Dream Big

    What’s Holding You Back From Dreaming Big?

    A couple of weeks ago I attended a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Course, of which I spent every day being absolutely in awe and learning so much! (More about that soon!) Over the course, we…

    November 27, 2015
  • Snip20151004_8

    Are We Addicted To Distraction?

    Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of it – scrolling through our Facebook feeds to see what everyone else is up to, then refreshing the page just in case we missed anything, and then…

    October 4, 2015
  • Snip20150908_15

    Is This Stuff Really Going To Change My Life?

    Apple – those legendary Marketing geniuses – have got me craving a lifestyle that really isn’t gonna happen for me. Well, not simply by buying their product, that is. Their sleek and simplistic advertising gets…

    September 8, 2015
  • Running

    Who Are You Comparing Yourself To?

    A few weeks back, Ant and I were out for a run along a beach in New Zealand (y’know, cos’ we could.) It was a beautiful sunny winter day and I was feeling pumped and ready…

    August 26, 2015
  • sunrise
    Life Travel

    The One Thing That Travel Can’t Replace

    Today we’re flying home! We’ve reached the end of our year-long adventure, and it’s time to head back to life as we know it (which is gonna be ten times more remarkable than before,…

    August 14, 2015
  • 2c0343f7-2
    Life Travel

    And So I Quit

    39 days ago I wrote this post on being OK with change. I know it was exactly this amount of days ago because I counted each one down.  And you see, soon after writing…

    June 27, 2015
  • Beautiful Image

    Being OK with Change

    In a crazy random turn of events, today I’m moving to a farm. I’ve packed up my life again, compiled everything I own into a [jam-packed] suitcase and a pretty pink rucksack, and I’m…

    May 20, 2015
  • IMG_20150331_203143
    Health & Fitness Life

    Life Is Like A Game Of Tennis

    “You should have left that!” He shouted, as I launched the tennis ball up into the clouds. Because apparently it was ‘going out’ and we could have scored a point. Oops. And it was in…

    March 31, 2015