Hi, I’m Sophie


& I’m here to support you in your journey of living a life that lights you up.

If you’re fed up of wishing your working days away and watching your life flash by as you speed through it on auto-pilot, and you’re so ready to pursue your creative passions and live life on purpose instead – this is the place for you.

I support passionate, creative women who have taken the leap from their 9-5 into bravely and fiercely going it alone (or are oh so ready to). I help them to pursue their passions with confidence and purpose, and to get rid of the limiting beliefs and voices in their minds that tend to creep in and take over.

Those voices sound something like:

‘Wait, I’m doing what now?!’

‘The 9-5 police are going to find out about me working my own hours and send me back any day now…’

‘What the hell am I doing?’

‘This was a lovely idea, but I think I’ll head back to the office with my tail between my legs and pretend it never happened.’

You’re going to hear me talk about living life ‘on purpose’ a lot here.

That’s because I’ve discovered how many of us sleepwalk through life and get swept along with the crowd, wishing our days away, waiting for things to ‘be better’, doing life the way we think we ‘should’, thinking it’s the only option.

And I’m so passionate about sharing with you that there’s always another option. In fact, there are hundreds of them.

We’re living in an era of choice where it’s up to us to decide how we spend our days.

I believe in carving our own paths, writing our own stories, and going against the grain to do the things that light us up.

Because there has to be more to life than doing a job you hate just to pay the bills, right?

So who am I and what do I do?

I’m Sophie, and I’m a coach who believes that our mindset dictates what our life looks like. And so whatever it is we want for ourselves and our lives, we have to take control of our minds first.

Through powerful NLP & Coaching techniques, I help creative, talented women who know they are capable of so much more to bust through the only things that are keeping them small – fear and the stories they’re telling themselves about why they ‘can’t’ do it.

Why do I do it?

2 years ago, I was anxious, exhausted, and my mind was running on overdrive. I cared SO MUCH what others thought about me, I felt crippled by the constant need to impress, and my life was flashing by in a mist of ‘what’s the point of all this?’

I decided to make a change and booked a ticket to the other side of the world – whilst it was exciting, my anxiety levels were through the roof at the thought of it and so I ramped life up another ten levels and made myself busier and busier so as to not think about the crazy cruel things happening in my head, and as a result I burnt myself out to the point of an anxiety attack.

I’ll ease into talking about that a bit more, as it’s a huge part of my story, but thankfully, I don’t recognise that person anymore. Because after I pushed my way out of my comfort zone to get on the plane (the one I was convinced wasn’t going to make it), I embarked on a year long travel adventure that WOKE ME UP.

I discovered that, quite literally, life is whatever the hell we make it! 

I had been living the way I thought I had to, the way I’d been conditioned to, with success meaning to me what I thought it should: work hard, earn money, spend money on things that make you look good, repeat.

So once I was outside of that, I started learning about life on my own terms. And I decided to take back control and start giving myself a break.

Because what I learnt is that the world is shifting, and we’re slowly waking up to the reality that life doesn’t have to be about working 9-5 in a job you hate just to pay the bills and make someone else rich. In fact, it can be about thriving in the things you love, with people you adore, on your own time and in your own way.

We actually have the choice to create and design for ourselves a life and a living that aligns with what lights us up, what expresses our talents, and simply what makes us feel really really good.

And so we should do it, you know, create our life the way our imagination tells us we can.

And that’s what I want to share more of with you, because the more I started learning, and developing, and growing, and discovering – like how to control my thoughts, and how to work for myself, and how to be confident in the pursuit of my passions – the more I realised I had to share this with other people who know they want more from their lives, but don’t know where to begin…

And so here I am. After an intense year of expansion and training, I now get to be a coach, mentor and partner in crime to incredible women who have woken up too.

I changed my own life because I decided, I showed up, and I did the work.

What’s next?


This is a 5-part email course to help you dig into where you’re at right now, where you’d love to be, and what limiting beliefs are getting in your way. Full of of insights, audios and mini coaching tasks, it’s got everything you need to kickstart your life that lights you up. Get it here.


Over on the blog is where I share my learnings and observations on life and the world, to inspire you to dream bigger, to think more positively and confidently about what you can achieve, and to live a more ‘on purpose’ life.


Every month I share a little love and inspiration in your inbox, with game-changing conversations about living a life that lights you up. It’s my space to be a little more open and honest, and to regularly cheer you on along your journey too! Join the conversation here.


Creative women who want more from their lives and careers but don’t know a) where to begin and b) how to believe that it’s possible, hire me to coach them through the process, to help them bust through their limiting beliefs, and support them to move confidently towards their big beautiful vision.

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