Is This Stuff Really Going To Change My Life?

September 8, 2015

Apple – those legendary Marketing geniuses – have got me craving a lifestyle that really isn’t gonna happen for me. Well, not simply by buying their product, that is.

Their sleek and simplistic advertising gets me every time – the advert for the apple watch for example ticks through on a white background, no words spoken, just a smooth blitz through the features, it’s so clean, so simple, so stylish, and it says to me: get more time, be more efficient, own less mess, be super smooth.

It’s what I want to be – all those things. Simplistic, sleek, always on time. My apple watch informing me of my estimated arrival time for my next meeting, whizzing off a text message to let my colleagues know, advising me of which route to take so as to avoid the traffic, telling me how great my hair looks as I glide through the city in my Applemobile. (Okay I’m getting carried away…)

But ultimately, that’s what I imagine stuff is gonna do for me – create me a lifestyle straight out of a magazine, or a Bond movie.

In reality though, I’m stumbling out of the door with my heel straps still undone, putting up my hair and on my mascara as I stop and start through the traffic, and my Apple watch can only reinforce how late I am by telling me the time because I’ve left my iPhone under my pillow in my mission to rush out of the door and it can’t function without it.

No technological advancement is going to transform this girl, something tells me.

When purchasing my macbook air a few months ago, I was sure that it was going to turn me into this organised, efficient, mega-inspired working whizz every single day. Needless to say, it didn’t quite happen that way. Sure it made my life hella’ load easier, compared to my clunky out of date old Dell, but the other stuff? Apparently I gotta put the work in.

We have this habit of associating stuff with a change of lifestyle or a change in our developed habits. Mass media does that to us of course, it manipulates us into thinking that buying ‘the latest thing that’s gonna change your life’, is gonna change your life.

Let’s take, say, a nutri-bullet purchase that’s going to turn us into a skinny, glowing green-juice sipping goddess, until we realise that vegetable juice isn’t quite so inviting on a winters morning when hot creamy oats drizzled with honey are calling us instead, or we forget that we have to add in some exercise to our juice detox and haven’t lost the 3 stone we’d hoped for so end up popping ‘this piece of *** nutri-bullet’ in the cupboard for all of eternity…

You see, we often forget that to change anything about ourselves, we have to put in the work. And ultimately to do the work effectively, we have to be really clear on what we want that change to be, why we want it and how we plan to get there. 

So quite simply, if I want to be on time, in order to feel a little more in control by cutting the chaos in a morning and therefore the chaotic rest of the day it then leads to, I’d have to drag my butt out of bed a lot earlier. And really, all my Apple watch is gonna do, is tell me when that earlier time has arrived.

Sure, stuff can help, but until further notice, it can’t do the work for us. (*Pops Apple watch back on the shelf.*)

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