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The One Thing That Travel Can’t Replace

August 14, 2015

Today we’re flying home! We’ve reached the end of our year-long adventure, and it’s time to head back to life as we know it (which is gonna be ten times more remarkable than before, naturally.)

I’m bringing back with me a heart full of love for the world, a mind full of exciting new thoughts, plans and ideas, a camera full of memories, oh, and a body full of extra ‘holiday’ weight (but we needn’t talk about that.)

It’s been an incredible trip – I’d go so far as to say a major life turning point – cos’ I’ve learnt A LOT. About what I really want, what I really don’t want, and in that, ways to approach life back home that will make sure I maintain this excitement about ‘living’, as well as the appreciation for the people I love that I’m feeling right now as we board the plane on our way to them.

Because you see, you can head to the beach everyday, go for long lunch break swims, paddle board at the weekends, wake up with the sunrise, spend your days in flip flops, wander around at holiday pace – and it’s as magic as it sounds.

But the comfort of being surrounded by the people who know you and love you the best, who you can giggle-snort with wholeheartedly, who you can burst open to when you’ve had a fight with the boy or are feeling your lowest – you really can’t replace that, and I’m sure I might just give up the beach for it. (I mean, come back to me in a month’s time when the novelty wears off, sure.)

Seriously though, our family and friends – they’re irreplaceable. And I don’t think we all have to spend a year away from them to know it, but perhaps to appreciate it.

I can’t wait for tear-streaming kinda’ giggles with my Mumma, high-pitched goofy hackles with my girls, to reminisce about memories long ago that still push our chuckle buttons after all these years.

I mean, imagine an entire year without all of your favourite people, and then, AND THEN, go ahead and make the most of every minute of the beautiful impact they have on your life. Squeeze them til’ their heads pop if you like!

That’s what I plan to do for as long as I can – soak up all of the inside jokes and ridiculous behaviour that my closest, mostest mates bring out in me (and loadsa squeezin’ of course). We should remember that, let’s face it, if our nearest and dearest still love us this far in (when they know all of the secrets), it’s gonna be the kinda love that lasts forever.

This year’s major revelation: all the beauty in the world can’t replace the people that truly light you up.

And I cannot wait to squeeze mine.

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  • Reply Ingeborg August 14, 2015 at 7:01 pm

    I didn’t realize you’re actually from UK and not NZ 😉 where’s your real home? A year of adventures sounds so exciting! I’m moving to UK – permanently – in a few months not knowing anyone except my hubby there. Will be interesting, and for sure I’ll have to build new friendships to get the feeling you’re describing from my new permanent home. Terrifying. Anyways, excited to working with you with my new website, Sophie! See you monday!

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