Being OK with Change

May 20, 2015
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In a crazy random turn of events, today I’m moving to a farm. I’ve packed up my life again, compiled everything I own into a [jam-packed] suitcase and a pretty pink rucksack, and I’m heading off on a 9 hour coach ride to start a new adventure.

I’m nervous excited about this new chapter. About moving into a house with a family we’ve never met. About moving towards outback Australia where it’s even more remote than the quiet little town we’ve become accustomed to.

But most of all I’m feeling proud. Proud of the fact that having just got *comfortable* in the place I’ve been living for 6 months, I’m open to getting *uncomfortable* again, just like that.

We got the call less than two weeks ago that we’d been accepted for farm work in order to apply for our 2nd year visa and stay in Oz a little longer (don’t tell my Grandma!), and before we knew it we were saying our goodbyes to our new friends, selling all the crap we’d accumulated over the past 6 months, and saying yes to something entirely new, all with hardly any doubts.

[OK so maybe I had a little cry about the fact I wouldn’t be able to jog on the beach anymore. Even though I’ve probably jogged on the beach only a handful of times. But it was the not having the option to jog on the beach that really got me.]

And I think the reason that the doubts about getting uncomfortable have stopped creeping in, that the worries about change that used to consume me have reduced, that the resistance to pushing out of my comfort zone has minimised, is because I’ve learnt that the thing is, uncomfortable soon becomes comfortable if we try it for long enough.

6 months ago I made a big change and started a new job, settled into a new apartment and commenced life living with a boy, all on the other side of the world. At first it was daunting, but soon enough it was just, well, normal life.

4 months before that I made a bigger change by quitting my comfortable job, packing up my life and moving into a camper van a long way from home. At first I thought I was crazy, but soon enough it was just, well, normal life.

Our resistance to change can be huge. It can feel scary to move away from comfortable into uncomfortable. But in fact, change is the most natural thing in the world for us all because a little bit of us is changing everyday. The seasons change, our thoughts change, our minds change, we change. And change helps us expand, develop, grow and move forward with our fabulous little lives.

If there’s a change you’re heading towards right now that’s giving you that nervous uncertain excited churny tummy feeling, try this:

Remind yourself of all the times you’ve made a change and pushed out of your comfort zone, be those big or small things (there will be A LOT of them). It could be starting a new job, getting married, moving house, changing your diet, taking up a new hobby, exercising, a break up, quitting your job – write them down and ask yourself if everything turned out just fine once you’d done them? Chances are everything did, because here you are.

It will make you realise just how adaptable you can be to new situations, even when you perhaps haven’t had the chance to notice these awesome skills of yours before.

Right now, heading many hours south in Australia, I actually think the change I’m really concerned about is the fact that I’ve been used to 30 degree heat, and I’m on the way into the minuses. Now that’s a change I can’t imagine getting used to. But, I know I will. (Just!)

So here’s to change, oh, and to farm life. Wish me luck!


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