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Life Is Like A Game Of Tennis

March 31, 2015

“You should have left that!” He shouted, as I launched the tennis ball up into the clouds. Because apparently it was ‘going out’ and we could have scored a point. Oops.

And it was in this moment that I realised in some ways, life is like a game of tennis, actually.

You see, cos’ the thrill I had in that moment of giving it a shot, the power I felt as I smashed the ball high into the sky, the release I felt from hitting it out into the universe with all my might – well, that was a trillion times better than the feeling I’d have had if I’d have left it to ‘go out,’ just to score a point.

And in life, it’s pretty similar. Cos’ it’s not the point scoring that’s important.

Obviously winning at life is great, but the winning will come. The winning will come when there’s no-one shouting that you should have left something in exchange for a quick win. The winning will come when you’re supported, and practised, and when you’re unapologetic about your tactics. The winning will come when you show up with everything you’ve got and smash life high into the sky and are unapologetic about doing so.

Did I win that particular game of tennis? Nope. But weeks later, when it really mattered, in a fiercely competitive game of girls vs. boys, of course I kicked their asses. Cos’ I showed up 100%, I gave it my all, I’d practised, I didn’t apologise for my technique, and it was right when they least expected it.


So go on, treat today like your game of tennis. Launch everything you’ve got into the sky. With the tactics that work for you. With the ways that make you feel the best.

Don’t worry about the point scoring. Disregard any other opinions. Stop beating yourself up. And just enjoy some plain old ass kicking, your way.

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