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Why You Should Do That Thing You Don’t Really Have Time To Do

March 22, 2015
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You know those times when you’ve said you’d do something, and then it gets to it, and you decide that you really don’t have time to do it at all?

That’s what happened here, on a standard Thursday afternoon, when I thought heading to a natural waterfall sounded like a good idea. Until I realised we had to walk 2K through a snake infested forest in the blistering heat to get to it, and it would take a lot more time and effort than I’d anticipated.

See, I could really have done with getting some work finished. I could really have done with washing my hair. I could really have done with doing a food shop. I could really not have done with trekking through a forest on the hottest day of the Australian summer. I could really not have done with trekking through anywhere that brown snakes tend to hang out. Essentially, I could really have done with doing a lot of other stuff apart from the thing I said I’d do.

But because I don’t like to miss out on much, off I went for a long hot walk through the snakey filled trees. I moaned and groaned and sweated and regretted, and focused mainly on the ground (on snake watch, naturally.)

And then, just as I was all ready to give up, give in and turn back around through fear of of starving to death because I hadn’t done the food shop or of losing my job because I’d stepped away from my laptop for an hour, this happened…

And all was well in the world again.

Because. Wow.

Even when there are a million other things you *should* or *could* or *need* to be doing, sometimes, you should do that thing you don’t really have time to do. The different thing. The beautiful thing. The more uncomfortable thing. The little more effort required thing.

Because that thing might just lead you down a path that blows you away. It might lead you to gain a new perspective that removes any doubts or worries about exactly where it is you’re supposed to be right now. It might lead you to a place that makes you so grateful you didn’t give up.

Just as you least expect it.

On a standard Thursday afternoon.


Questions to ask yourself:

1. What would you love to do if you had the time?

2. What would/could happen if you made the time to do it? (List every possibility.)

3. How can you make the time to do it?

So, are you going to do the thing you don’t really have time to do?


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