I Turned 25 And Had A Quarter Life Meltdown

March 20, 2015

I turned 25 last month and as a result – I had a small quarter life meltdown. It was a Saturday night, and all hell broke loose.

“I’ll have to clean the kitchen FOREVER!” I wailed.

“One day I might have a BABY to look after. I don’t want toooo,” I cried.

“Oh god, when do I have to get a MORTGAGE? I don’t even have enough money for rent!” I sobbed.

And so it begins. You gotta start thinking about some grown-up stuff. And it hurts.

The age has arrived when every time a friend goes on holiday they seem to return with a ring on their finger. The time has come where it’s no longer OK to leave teabags on the side of the sink because the tea fairy won’t clear them away anymore. (Yes, I am popping marriage and teabags within the same paragraph. I’m a grown up now so I can do what I like.)

As I was being coaxed around from my emotional state by my lovely, patient, wise (and probably terrified) boyfriend, he got me to thinking about a few things.

If I look back over my life now and list down ALL the experiences I’ve had and places I’ve visited and things that I’ve seen. Well what that looks like is INCREDIBLE.

And for the next 25 years and then some, I’ve got that amount of new things to look forward to and more, and bigger and better and scarier and even more exciting! Hell yes – 25 rocks!

I know, look at me finding a smart man. He EVEN told me he’d help out in the kitchen sometimes too.

But obviously, because a girl always needs her girls to understand her crazy, I let my besties in on my quarter life meltdown too. (The man may be smart, but I don’t think he’ll ever quite get the tears – “So, just to confirm, you’re crying because you don’t want to clean the kitchen, because you might have a baby in 5-10 years and because you think it’s the law to get a mortgage on the day of your 25th birthday?)

I dropped a note to our whatsapp group aptly named “The Crazies” where we often share our troubles, tears and random panics. And soon enough they were on hand with their expert advice.

“All the more reason to keep seizing life by the nackers then”. They said.

“And then you’ll be so rich you can hire a cleaner.” They concluded.


Cos’ the BEST thing about a quarter life meltdown? Those PEEPS we’re sharing it with!

Those amazing women that build you up when panic strikes – you’ve known them for a little bit longer. That awesome tribe that add joy and meaning and belly-crunching giggles to your life – they stayed long enough to see your fabulousness and to remind you of it when you need it most. Those gorgeous, empowering, smart women are all of yours and you are all of theirs and the bond just gets stronger because you’re all crazy mad and scared together.

And, so very thankfully, they just get it. Proven most recently when one of my best friends added:

“I cried when I turned 25 too because I had to spend my hard earned wages on buying a new microwave. And because I’d lost some bin bags which I later found in the dishwasher. We’re all crazy mad lady, but we’re all crazy mad together.”

OK, I feel better now.

Have you had a crazy mad moment about growing up? I’d love to hear about it. Let’s be crazy mad together (it really helps!)


  • Reply Mariah April 17, 2015 at 1:17 am

    This was so great! I am only 22 and graduating from college + I feel so much of the same as I am job hunting + thinking of paying off loans and such. This was refreshing– thank you!

    • Reply littleredfrench April 18, 2015 at 12:35 am

      So pleased you enjoyed it lovely! Oh yes that’s definitely a huge time of life, but remember that every step leads to exactly where you are meant to be. And take it from me, with amazing friends and family to share the ride with and a whole world of opportunity just waiting for you to grasp it – you’ve totally got this!! :) x

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