Cheerful Tuesday

April 15, 2014

So you know how Tuesday is the worst, well I thought I’d make it a bit better by gathering some of my favourite things of the week.

Today will be cheerful and not oh so depressingly Tuesday-ish.

1. My two favourite things on a tee! This calls for a celebration.

Champagne & Strawberries

2. Jelly shoes are back! Which is a double bonus for me as, not only are they full of 90’s nostalgia, but I have feet comparable to that of a gremlin and these are a cute alternative to all toe exposing flip flops.

Topshop jellies

3. Delicious cupcakes I bought from a Johnnie Cupcakes stall in Derby for a friends’ baby shower! Obviously I had to try one first before I gave them to her, you know, just to be sure!


4. A gift from my lovely friends – so I have an ‘owl of wisdom’ with me everywhere I go – n’awww those guys!

Owl of Wisdom

5. Just this.


 Happy Tuesday!


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